Gene Rzucidlo

Partner; Interferences/Reexaminations Expert
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Gene RzucidloGene Rzucidlo has been in the private practice of patent law since 1985. Prior to that time, he served in the United States Patent and Trademark Office as a patent examiner in the chemical arts and later as an Examiner-In-Chief (now known as an Administrative Patent Judge) on the Board of Patent Appeals and Interferences for seven years.

Mr. Rzucidlo has extensive experience in the preparation, filing, prosecution and appeals of patents for a diverse array of technologies, including pharmaceuticals, polymers, biotechnology, chemical and chemical processes, mechanical and electrical devices, laser technology, and consumer products. His trial experience in patent law and patent office procedure and practice has made him well versed in patent procurement as it relates to both domestic and international patent law.

Mr. Rzucidlo has participated in many interferences and reexaminations. He was Vice Chair and Chair of the AIPLA Interference Committee and he is a member of the Contested Cases Committee of the ABA IPL Section and is also a member of the IPO Contested Cases Committee. In addition, he is a lecturer in Interference and Reexamination Procedure at Franklin Pierce Law Center.

His experience in patent office practice provides keen insight into the development of patent interference strategies as well as in Ex Parte and Inter Partes Reexamination strategies. He is frequently consulted as to patent prosecution and matters of patent validity and infringement. He has served as a Patent Law expert in numerous U.S. District Court litigations.