Brian E. Hearn

Petitions Specialist

Photo Coming SoonBrian E. Hearn is a former Supervisory Primary Examiner at the USPTO. He holds a M.S. in Chemistry, and is registered to practice before the USPTO. He began his career at the USPTO as an Examiner in general inorganic and petroleum chemistry. He supervised an art unit that examined applications for batteries, solar cells, and semiconductor device manufacturing. After he transferred to the Office of Petitions, he trained and supervised Primary Examiners and Paralegals, who were jointly responsible for over 3,000 decisions on petitions per year. He was consulted for his expertise in both the petitions area and the procedural regulations of the Examining Corps by the Director of the Office of Petitions, the Deputy Assistant Commissioner for Patent Examination Policy, the Group Directors, the Office of Enrollment and Discipline, the Office of Patent Legal Administration, the Office of Congressional Liaison, the Solicitor’s Office, the Office of General Counsel and the Commissioner for Patents.

He was involved in revisions of the MPEP, and changes to the regulations (CFR). He also served as an instructor and a lecturer at the USPTO Patent Academy in the topics of Reissue and Correction of Patents Practice, and Petitions Practice; the Visiting Scholars Program; and the New Manager Seminars.

Brian recently left the USPTO.  He provides assistance to our Firm’s clients with routine prosecution and difficult issues related to USPTO practice and petitions.