IP Law Specialist


Position:  IP Law Specialist

Job Duties:

  • Research and analyze recent patent trends and law sources to prepare drafts, arguments for review, approval, and use by attorneys
  • Perform trademark searches, trademark analysis, and investigate particular intellectual property issues in foreign IP Law
  • Draft legal correspondence and memoranda for foreign company clients and associates
  • Work with foreign patent attorneys relative to foreign patent prosecution; facilitate communications between clients and foreign associates
  • Search for and study legal documents to investigate facts and perform legal research for areas in dispute, to determine possible causes of action and prepare reports
  • Review and revise documents for prosecution of US patent applications provided by clients for further review and approval by patent practitioners
  • Render IP legal advice upon a large amount of correspondence and requests from foreign associates in South America and Europe regarding prosecution of US patent applications

Education Requirement:

Master of Intellectual Property Law

Skill Requirement:

In-depth knowledge and understanding of US and foreign patent and trademark laws

Manner of Contact:

Mail resume to “Hershkovitz & Associates, PLLC” at 2845 Duke St., Alexandria, VA 22314, if interested.